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Africa’s Consumers: Connected, In Control And Hungry For Convenience

CPG, FMCG & Retail | 04-17-2019

In our world today, consumers live an increasingly “hyper-connected, hyper-life” - they are more stretched than ever before and are striving to repurpose their time and effort, searching for simpler, easier, more pleasant and purposeful ways of living… including shopping.

In light of this, Africa’s retail environment is evolving to meet consumers changing circumstances and shifting priorities, and not only in the direction of e-commerce. Across the retail spectrum, consumers are increasingly in control, increasingly connected and increasingly looking for more convenient and enjoyable shopping experiences to suit their individual circumstances.

This means a new continuum of retailers are emerging to capture shoppers’ attention and wallets – new non-traditional, specialist and niche retailers, clicks and bricks retailers, native e-commerce retailers, manufacturers as retailers and consumers as retailers. In Africa, it is said that retail is everywhere and everyone is a retailer…

With growing proliferation and fragmentation of products, retailers and media, we bring you the defining retail trends in Africa in 2019.


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