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South Korea MERS Confirmed Cases Increase to 87
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Author:  niman [ Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  South Korea MERS Confirmed Cases Increase to 87

23 new MERS cases cited in latest update.

Author:  niman [ Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: South Korea MERS Confirmed Cases Increase to 87

Homers party confirmed in 23 patients (D institutions is of 17) Add occur
A total of 87 people, B medical patients do not add
Add the propagation block D institutions in other subjects Homers inquiry system
Department of Health and Human Services' central Homers management task force "is Mon., June 8th, Homers test results were announced 23 additional cases that were confirmed as positive.
17 of these patients, the 14th between the parties with respect to the diagnosis of people exposed to 5.27 to 5.29 days in the emergency room D institutions, there are symptoms such as fever was confirmed in the final positive genetic test conducted Homers.
The remaining six patients were diagnosed as cases related to 16th party, four of the cases were hospitalized in the same ward in a medical institution F between 5.25 to 5.28 days, two wards at the same institution in E between 5.28 to 5.30 days If you are hospitalized.
The task force will confirm the party of the 76th confirmed characters * D exposure from medical facilities, quarantine before Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital emergency room (6.5 to 6.6), Konkuk University Hospital Emergency Room (6.6 days) reveals a way of hayeoteum, with 5.27 days hypercalcemia * D institutions visited the emergency room, hospital medical treatment 6.5 days fever * ○○ (5.28 to 6.1) because the risk of infection may be fever diagnosed party, but not before the two hospital patients is caused no risk of infection through hospital admission within that period, Do not wait and visit people at home do not go to hospitals if symptoms never in doubt,
Seoul Call Center (120), call center War (042-120), Gyeonggi-do Call Center (031-120) report on line or ask that such attempts website, and Seoul has said it planned census and tracking even ask for them.
The task force is reported to be the 76th party confirmed that some contacts are missing from the tracking, such as a key factor in the early Homers blocked to prevent any large institution to re-visit the contact with a large number of patients, missing contacts information systems for medical institutions in connection with the excavation * said the deployment plan.
[Note] Homers person inquiry system
☞ outpatient visits, whether a patient is suspected party Homers can be viewed directly from the institutions (access to the National Health Insurance Corporation website) system
* Subject information and Welfare, municipalities, etc. will be entered
Most of the technical building system has already been completed, 6.8 (Mon) to take advantage of such systems of medical meetings such as Hospital Association officials will be advised to actively participate.
But the task force, many patients will appear depending on the secondary epidemic of patients who visited the emergency department proceeds to a D institutions,
The primary trend is through the turn to stabilize the B eoteumyeo medical condition, if occurring in other institutions also seen as a sporadic occurrence in patterns
D institutions associated symptoms of those diagnosed after 5 to 7 이 said that through the patient assumed to be stagnant or decreased in the wake of this week.

http://www.mw.go.kr/front_new/al/sal030 ... SEQ=323152

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