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MERS South Korea Quarternary Case - First Community?
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Author:  niman [ Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  MERS South Korea Quarternary Case - First Community?

Media reports describe the confirmation of the first quarternary case, who may have been infected at a funeral. In addition to being the first confirmed quarternary case, this person may also be the first confirmed community case.

Author:  niman [ Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MERS South Korea Quarternary Case - First Community?

(Busan AP) reporter = Middle Park Chang - su Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) clean areas in Busan, which was the first car out positive self-quarantine authorities and relax.

Busan is 6 days with a slight fever as a result of the analysis of the sample A (61) seeds are isolated symptoms such as vomiting Homers said came out positive.

Centers for Disease Control inspection time is long hanging was conducted an independent survey commissioned primarily to affiliated Institute of Health and Environment presented the positive reaction in this test.

Mr. A before vomiting up isolated symptoms and respiratory symptoms such as cough, mild fever than did not.

City Institute of Health and Environment, but the situation did not make a decision confirmed at the Centers for Disease Control're using Centers for Disease Control and diagnostic equipment as well as potential changes are not significant when the self-test results.

Busan result is investigated further acts of men had sympathy for relatives are admitted to a hospital in Seoul to the same month 28 days from 26 days last month.

The ward has 14 patients were hospitalized.

Take care to relatives with a nephew in the hospital room three days, such as 14 patients paid the funeral of the 29 days he was taken to a funeral home Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do drew breath in a different bottle.

Busan had doubts on the possibility of a funeral home moved from the son of the deceased showed a positive reaction while the primary Homers did not confirm the whereabouts sympathy.

The first cases of suspected infection dwaetjiman communities further confirmed that there were 14 patients in the same ward as the worst escaped.

Mr. A returned to the month after the funeral Busan 1 days.

Install heat detectors in Busan BEXCO
Heat detectors installed at Busan BEXCO
(Busan AP) reporter Kim, Sun - Ho = 6 pm in preparation for Homers Busan heat detectors infection in BEXCO, Haeundae has been placed. 2015.6.6 wink@yna.co.kr
Show vomiting along with mild fever three days and then stopped at a local hospital, including two locations.

4 days, even when that right was confirmed to linger in the neighborhood hospital.

Although the 5th House, are aware that when moving between attending a taxi to the hospital.

5 days night nephew of Mr. A city health officials have been informed of the fact that from Bucheon test specimens measuring the body temperature, but found the house turned out to be normal.

However, 6 am the nephew of the samples showed the first positive test was getting advice when Mr. A was isolated in negative pressure room immediately.

The A's had a normal body temperature yieoteuna vomiting.

The city went into contact with the medical staff and taxi drivers, A person close to Mr. and Mrs. extensive scrutiny for the wife of the man isolated at home.

But when Mr. A said that further investigation is still needed about two months after the acts came back 1 to 2 in Busan.

Seobyeongsu Busan mayor held a emergency meeting at 22:00 the day was watching a disaster situation room and ordered it to try our best to solve Homers Proliferation and civil unrest.

The Busan has gotta Isolated on another 60 men one person who worked with Homers patient ward pressure on the workshops, Chungnam.


http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/20 ... plate=8274

Author:  niman [ Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MERS South Korea Quarternary Case - First Community?

Homers Busan, the first confirmed cases, local non-standing infection hospital infection Seoul D potential
Brother-in-law byeongganho with 14 beds standing next to the patient nephew
2015-06-06 [23:18:08] | Last modified: 2015-06-06 [23:45:56]

Busan Homers first positive patients in A (61), Mr. reportedly also likely to have been infected in all 14 patients by hospitals in Seoul is known as a super infections. The area concerned is talking about the possibility of infection was not higher. 6 A seed according to health officials at Busan and was nursing 26 to 28 month 14 patients had a brother-in-law in the hospital bed next to Seoul D 14 hospital patients with a nephew. Mr. A while later the brother-in-law died of other diseases 29 days Mr. A returned to the last day Busan paying the funeral until July 31 with his nephew. Mr. A that three days after the last're vomiting and Busan A lawmaker I found the B hospital. Even at the time, only I do not have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough I did not doubt the Homers. But after Mr. A's nephew who examined the five days Homers Homers symptoms six days while receiving Mr. A was also diagnosed as suspected Homers. Busan is confirmed 6 am competition from Mr. A nephew of Public Health Bucheon delivered after the facts straight A's visit to the home of Mr. A was transferred to a hospital in a negative pressure isolation wards. Since Mr. A received the test results commissioned by the afternoon of the samples tested positive for quarantine dwaetgo A's in Busan Health and Environment.

http://m.busan.com/m/News/view.jsp?news ... 6000048#cb

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