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H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 445
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Author:  niman [ Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 445

Number of farms H5 confirmed in Taiwan increases 445.

Author:  niman [ Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 445

Council of Agriculture today announced a new type of avian influenza virus gene sequence alignment results Taiwan 3, presumably occurred in Taiwan, duck and goose of H5N8, the new H5N3, three strains of the new H5N2 virus are likely to be caused by the same group of birds in Taiwan, non-native virus mutations.

Council of Agriculture held today, the progress of work against the bird flu epidemic press conference that according to the 24th at 6 pm to the latest statistics, the number of new diagnosed 31 games H5 virus field, including Taoyuan City, a field, a field Taichung, Changhua County 4 games Yunlin County, 15 games, a field in Chiayi County, Tainan five games, Kaohsiung, Pingtung County, a field with three games, the cumulative number of confirmed up to 445 field.

For this wave of bird flu struck Taiwan Council of Agriculture Animal Health Research Institute yesterday completed eight ducks and geese bird flu gene sequencing, the sequence alignment results, H5 gene of avian influenza virus H5N3 and 2014 H5N8 avian duck Korea Pakistan H5 influenza virus most closely, N3 is with Japan Niigata duck H5N3 avian influenza virus in 2006 N3 most similar.

As for the other six internal gene segments were also affiliated with the internal gene pool of avian influenza virus in mainland China, and animal health are once again confirmed, this wave of Taiwan's outbreak of avian influenza viruses in ducks and geese are new viruses invade Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Dutch bird flu expert at the Council of Agriculture videoconferencing mentions five cases of H5N8 bird flu occurred last year in the Netherlands, by differences in the sequence of H5 speculated by four batches of birds were introduced due.

View the new Taiwan where livestock guard avian influenza virus H5N2, H5 H5N3 and H5N8 gene sequences, and found more than 99.3% similarity to each other, but also with South Korea Pakistan duck H5N8 avian influenza virus H5 similarity of more than 98.8%, and the virus The detection time is very close, the evidence shows that three viruses are likely to carry the same number of migratory birds come to Taiwan, leading Taiwan duck and goose the new bird flu outbreak.

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Author:  niman [ Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan Increases To 445

3 new series of homologous virus carrying the same batch of birds to
Lee Yun Hao 2015/01/25 15:35 o'clock read 428 times
COA announced H5N3 avian influenza virus gene sequences, which H5 gene and domestic H5N2, the same H5N8 virus, H5N8 virus from South Korea Pakistan should duck (see photo). (Photo by Wikipedia)
COA announced H5N3 avian influenza virus gene sequences, which H5 gene and domestic H5N2, the same H5N8 virus, H5N8 virus from South Korea Pakistan should duck (see photo). (Photo by Wikipedia)
[Taiwan wake newspaper reporter Li Yun Hao Taipei】 avian influenza virus gene eligible for "decoding", judged by the same batch of birds brought into Taiwan. Council of Agriculture Animal Health Research Institute Cai Xiangrong on the 25th that the novel H5N2 and H5N8 Following the completion of the virus gene sequencing, in Kaohsiung, Pingtung, etc. caused by many ducks and geese farms infected H5N3 virus identified as South Korea, Japan and China hybrid strains. Trend in quarantine inspection COA Secretary said, is expected before noon on the 28th Taiwan poultry "slaughter ban order" lifted up to the completion of all the infected farm more than two million poultry culling and disinfection operations slaughterhouse.

This wave of avian influenza virus from birds or what has already passed in the domestic and mutate, has been the focus of public debate. The Council of Agriculture has recently announced "the world's first see" the H5N2 and "Taiwan's first see" the complete gene sequence 8 of H5N8 virus, according to a recent judgments are imported from abroad. Cai Xiangrong 25, said,, H5N8 the same as the other one in Taiwan H5 gene of H5N3 virus first see above H5N2, both South Korea and the 2014 outbreak of the H5N8 virus Pakistan duck similarity of nearly 99%, N3 gene and in 2006 the Japanese duck only the H5N3 are similar, the remaining six sections "internal genes" is similar to strains with China, it should be a new virus invasion.

[Culling] abundant manpower
ended on the 25th, Taiwan has 11 counties, a total of 485 poultry farm suspected outbreak spread, there are 445 identified infected with H5 avian influenza virus, and there are 930,006 thousand chickens, ducks, geese were culled, the most likely to cull more than 1.05 million chickens, 150,000 ducks and 147 thousand geese. Trend in expressed hope that during at 12:00 on the 24th to the 28th at noon Taiwan poultry "ban the slaughter", complete culling of all infected poultry and poultry farms, slaughterhouses disinfection operations; currently counties culling and disinfection are fairly abundant manpower , only confirmed the number of fields over two one hundred human Yunlin relatively tight, has coordinated military support.

Council of Agriculture to curb bird flu spread has 2 degrees in the 24th enactment of "slaughter ban order." Council of Agriculture Department of Animal Husbandry Bureau of the Yangtze Wenquan noted that the 25th Taiwan "origin price" does not change, and maintained through the emergency supply of poultry wholesale market price increase "freeze up" pigs Part 4 million in 1000 to increase long After the supply, was up only 1 dollar, so the retail price should not appear to drive up the situation, people also need not worry about the lack of meat.

The main roads located quarantine station]
Trend in analysis, in order to avoid further spread of the epidemic, it will ban the slaughter during the four days in the largest number of infected farm Chang, cloud, Kerry, south, screens and other major roads in five counties set up a quarantine station, were poultry the associated transport of poultry truck, trolleys, car-based system, feed trucks and garbage trucks and other disinfection operations, will be particularly detailed disinfection for wheels, driver rain boots, foot pad. After the lifting of the ban slaughter orders, in addition to all poultry veterinarians are required to attach to open a health certificate, to enter the slaughterhouse, the farms out of egg cartons and eggs are also required to complete the appearance "of chlorine dioxide" sterilization operations.

According to the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health, Welfare Department illness tube than domestic strains of avian influenza virus gene sequences result, the probability of infection in humans are very low. The Programme also for the domestic disease epidemic prevention staff, and put disinfect poultry were culled destruction operations of the national army, a total of nearly three thousand people were calandria health monitoring; 42 people appeared in influenza symptoms, only a person suffering from seasonal human influenza, and the rest should be no doubts.


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