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H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan To 330 Including Chicken Rise
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Author:  niman [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan To 330 Including Chicken Rise

Media reports cite the increase in H5 confirmed farms to 330, which includes further spread to chickens.

Author:  niman [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5 Confirmed Farms In Taiwan To 330 Including Chicken Ri

Taiwan farm abnormal deaths jumped 12
2015-01-22 14:54:46 United Evening News reporter Huang Yufang ╱ Taipei
Hualien County Government last week set up "to prevent bird flu control post" in Taroko Gorge Bridge at the southern end, heavily armed police officers entered the Hualien truck inventory, prevent poultry entering western Hualien. According to data reported to the Department

This wave of bird flu menacing, domestic death, culling poultry fear has been broken one million. The COA said that until yesterday evening, a day jumped 12 games abnormal mortality of chickens inspected, where one is located in Hualien Silky poultry farms; this is after this wave of the outbreak, the first time there is the eastern part of poultry field abnormal death, if confirmed, it means that the bird flu spread to the east, bird flu, "the mountain of defense" will break the power.

Inspection Bureau announced today the latest anti-bird flu, a total of 389 games will be inspected, 330 field diagnosis of avian influenza H5 subtype estimated culling poultry deaths of millions have been broken; more focused since the wave of the outbreak in ducks and geese, but Yesterday was a sudden increase in 12 games farm briefing.

Trend in anti-seizure Secretary said that the current farm received a total of 20 games will be inspected, there is a new bird flu six games, two games are old bird flu, and the rest are still testing; if bird flu spread to chickens, the is a test of a new wave of vaccination against possible outbreak of chicken, Trend in that tomorrow will announce the new prevention measures.

At present, the number of bird flu confirmed field concentrated in the western counties, but yesterday received an anti-seizure Hualien County Bureau of Silky poultry industry briefing, the industry kept 500 Silky, about one-third of the past month one after another death.

3 km inland poultry farms require physicians to prove to slaughter

Trend in that prima facie non-avian flu, but needs further confirmation, it can not determine whether the epidemic across the central mountains, spread to the east. But Trend in say, has asked this silky industry surrounding land poultry farms within three kilometers, you must attach a health certificate issued by a veterinarian before slaughter.

8 released virus gene segments, said barge local evolution

Animal Health Research Institute and published today, ducks and geese bird flu virus H5N2, H5N8 eight gene sequencing. After comparison, the discovery of the virus inside the sixth gene, and mainland China, Japan, South Korea, the most similar to strains, ducks and geese identified avian influenza virus is a new virus invasion.

Trend in that this wave of bird flu virus is "Taiwan's first see," said scholar is not as evolved from Taiwan avian influenza virus strains.

Hualien County Government: No pass epidemic

[Correspondent segment Hongyu / Hualien, Hualien County Government] report said that after the bird flu outbreak, strengthen the implementation of routine immunization checks on poultry farms in the area and found a farm month cumulative mortality rate is high, so the self-test and quarantine bureau for examination in accordance with the requirements of the preliminary examination was not bird flu, Agriculture Department stressed that there is no epidemic of Hualien.

East region from 16 noon, a ban on live birds into the East, Ilan also follow up a few days ago. Department of Agriculture said that the current prevention work closely, will continue to strengthen.


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