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H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan
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Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Media reports cite detection of H5N3 in wild birds, bulbuls, in Miaoli county.

Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Wild Birds In Mioali County Taiwan

Chinese bulbuls fall victim to bird flu virus H5N3
2015/01/19 16:09:19

Taipei, Jan. 19 (CNA) Three Chinese bulbuls (白頭翁) were c onfirmed to have been infected with H5N3 avian flu that has hit Taiwan, becoming the latest victims of the bird flu strain that has already attacked local geese and ducks, a local animal health agency said Monday.

The migratory birds were found dead on Jan. 14 in central Taiwan's Miaoli County within 1 kilometer of a slaughterhouse for fowl, according to the county's Animal Health Inspection and Quarantine Institute.

The Chinese bulbuls were infected with the H5N3 subtype of the virus, which had never been seen before in Taiwan until the current outbreak erupted in recent weeks, said agency chief Chang Chun-yi (張俊義).

Updating lawmakers on the epidemic Monday, Council of Agriculture chief Chen Bao-ji (陳保基) said 80,000 chickens have been infected with the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu strain, while another 140,000 hens have been confirmed as being infected with an H5 subtype of the virus.

As of Monday, some 1.32 million chickens, geese and ducks at 274 farms in nine counties have been checked, said the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine.

Geese are experiencing the highest infection and fatality rates, the bureau said, while the situation in chickens is less severe.

According to the bureau, 251 farms raising 920,000 of the country's 1.77 million geese have sent samples for testing.

Six farms with a combined 310,000 chickens have also submitted samples. There are more than 54 million chickens across Taiwan.

Chen said that over 520,000 fowl have been culled in the wake of the outbreak, and he estimated that 1 million chickens will end up being culled.

(By Yang Shu-min and Lee Hsin-Yin)


Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Map updated

https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid= ... QE2A&hl=en

Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Epidemic emergency! Changhua three novel H5N3 virus detected in wild birds confirmed
NOWnewsNOWnews - 2015年1 19 afternoon 1:31

Reporter Jane Yixin / Taipei
Bird flu emergency, 274 cities and counties in Taiwan nine games spread epidemic, which confirmed 239 games H5 subtype avian influenza and wild birds have novel H5N3 virus was detected in the body; anti-seizure Bureau today (19) said today that Miaoli County poultry farms near death bulbul picked up three, after being diagnosed with the new animal health H5N3 subtype avian influenza virus infection.
Pull bird flu alert, COA Ming (20) days will be for the whole station poultry farms disinfection operations, anti-seizure Bureau today confirmed 45 poultry farms, cities and counties in Taiwan 7 239 poultry farms fall, has culled 130 games 260 000 poultry.
Anti-seizure Bureau noted that the recent bird flu outbreak occurred by analyzing the location and occurrence of subtypes, its geographical distribution is consistent with the path for migratory birds, and there is a poultry farm near Miaoli County picked bulbul diagnosed with the new H5N3 subtype avian influenza virus, judged migratory birds and this wave of the epidemic are closely associated.
Anti CIQ stressed waterfowl to the slaughterhouse slaughtering poultry farm land surrounding the diagnosis, health certificate issued by a veterinarian to ensure that the epidemic is not expanded to the elements, will continue to do require handling; today, if the owner or manager of animal refuse or Violators, that in accordance with the provisions of Article 43 of animal diseases prevention and control regulations, at 50,000 yuan to 100 yuan fines.

https://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E7%96%AB%E6% ... 16029.html

Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

United Daily News/US reporters Zhang Yuzhen logistics/real time reporting "
2015.01.19 01:54 pm

Jhunan Miaoli righteousness in Miaoli County Road 14th pulsatilla people picked up a total of 3 deaths, Miaoli County rushed to animal epidemic prevention and animal health inspection, confirmed new H5N3 virus today, is the first bird flu case in Miaoli County.

Miaoli County animal disease prevention Institute said Zhang Junyi, pulsatilla death found no poultry farms within a radius of one kilometer, but one kilometer outside a slaughterhouse, this morning has been strengthening disinfection, and sending yet slaughtering live poultry production inspection inspection, he stressed, has not yet found that chickens, ducks, geese infected with bird flu in the County.

Zhang Junyi said that since the County since the outbreak began, progressively for sea Ray Township in Miaoli County chicken farm, five abattoirs for disinfection, as H5N3 outbreak bird flu cases, vaccination will be conducted this week by the County's chickens, ducks, geese and disinfection, and notification mechanism for owners.

http://udn.com/NEWS/BREAKINGNEWS/BREAKI ... 4330.shtml

Author:  niman [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

(CNA reporter YANG Shu Min Taipei 20 (Xinhua)) poultry for examination avian influenza virus, the last anti-CIQ first announced three resident birds bulbul corpse experience of H5N3, today announced Pingtung birds Dusky thrush infected H5 and Kaohsiung migratory bird excrement found to have H7N9, But none of migratory birds found to the epidemic virus. Since last December in Taiwan since the outbreak of bird flu, namely one kind of old H5N2, as well as three kinds of Taiwan in the past never happened novel H5N2, H5N8 and H5N3. These four are highly pathogenic, H5N2 old base has four, the other three up to six. Animal Health Research Council of Agriculture director explained Cai Xiangrong, high and low pathogenic in chickens do all means test, appeal and mortality will produce, not people. Announced today H7N9, H7N9 avian happened because Shanghai successor attention. Council of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Trend in said the Kaohsiung Branch Jiading wetland birds duck excrement detection of H7N9 subtype avian influenza virus, and the Chinese mainland Shanghai successor of outgoing H7N9 subtype avian virus strain is different, but with the Taiwan in the past such as Ilan found to low pathogenic H7N9 similar, do not worry contagious person. Cai Xiangrong supplement, determine the occurrence of avian-human transmission of H7N9 Shanghai is different, because this gene sequence strains Shanghai, in order from waterfowl (ducks and geese) to terrestrial birds (chicken, turkey, ostrich) must adapt to the emergence of "a characteristic defect "But the experience of the H7N9 Taiwan did not, so I do not like. In addition, Shanghai will be the successor of H7N9 is low pathogenic. Township, Pingtung County Magistrate governance picked up the bodies of Thrush wildfowl highly pathogenic H5 subtype detected in the new, yet to confirm the full virus type. Anti-seizure Bureau announced yesterday Miaoli 3 bulbul confirmed the corpse H5N3, but bulbul is resident birds (migratory birds and poultry exist between, and not like, like migratory birds, but also non-human feeding), not migratory birds. Trend in that the current monitoring of migratory birds did not test this one out of the four kinds of virus outbreak type. She reiterated that the judge COA still believes that the three kinds of Taiwan's new migratory birds brought the virus occurred. Cai Xiangrong and say, did not see dead birds, does not mean that there is no death, good physical flew to Taiwan, the three kinds of Taiwan have not had a virus brought. In addition, today's social studies professor at National Taiwan University, Taiwan animals and School of Public Health, Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Jinchuan Chun held a press conference presented research report, still advocate the new H5N2 likely come from the old type H5N2 mutation should publish all bird flu genetic studies of 8, confirmed clearly benefit the epidemic precise planning and operations.

http://appweb.cna.com.tw/WebM/Menu/ahel ... 00277.aspx

Author:  niman [ Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H5N3 In Bulbuls In Miaoli County Taiwan

Epidemic "fowl" big runaway COA estimated one million scrapping
Liberty TimesLiberty Times - January 20, 2015 6:22 am

Epidemic "fowl" big runaway COA estimated one million scrappingView Photos
Epidemic "fowl" big runaway COA estimated one million scrapping

Pingtung a chicken farm tested positive H5N8
[Liberty Times reporter Lin Huiqin, Pengjian Li, Luo Xinzhen / roundup] bird flu out of control! Following a chicken farm in Changhua confirmed infected with the new H5N2 virus, the Council of Agriculture released yesterday, there is a chicken farm in Pingtung infected with H5N8 virus, becoming the first case of avian viruses domestic land; nine counties currently have two hundred thirty-nine field confirmed stained bird flu, including mortality, chickens, ducks have been culled over five hundred and twenty thousand, COA chairman Chen Bao-ji forecast "may have to kill more than one million."
To prevent the epidemic continues to spread, anti-seizure Trend in the Secretary said that from today, the national poultry slaughterhouses, wholesale markets, yard management, transportation vehicles, loading cages and disinfect poultry farms full three days in a row, and the reason may not be tethered poultry yard, must sent directly to the slaughterhouse.
Chen Bao-ji says January 9, Pingtung Tawu a layer farm detection older H5N2, located on the periphery of a layer farm related businesses and a chicken farm, yesterday, were also diagnosed with the new highly pathogenic H5 subtype, H5N8 avian flu, have six bases, even the highly pathogenic virus, has notified culled breeding farms each one hundred and forty thousand, eighty chickens.
Miaoli Pulsatilla dye H5N3 death
In addition to chickens, ducks, but within Guangyuan Technology Park Chunan, Miaoli town with three deaths bulbul, also detected the new H5N3, Miaoli County is the first since the new bird flu cases, due to a common resident bird in Taiwan bulbul, Collocation and migratory birds may be infected, Only a hundred chickens reared within a radius of one kilometer of line left field, the field test specimen has been sent to confirm whether there was infection. Another side of a horse farm, horse farm, head very panic after learning that today will be disinfected. Another 16 people in Pingtung Changzhi Township Huang picked up in front of the family home since the death of a wild spotted thrush, after examination and preliminary test results on the evening eighteen H5 subtype infection, thrush is due to spot winter birds, screen county worry the disease will spread to chickens, ducks.
Chen Bao-ji guarantee Spring chicken buy
Anti-seizure Bureau statistics, bird flu has spread to peach, Miao, Chang, cast, cloud, Kerry, south, high, screen a total of nine counties; the overall development of the outbreak so far, with only the most serious goose is the total number of tube In raising about fifty-two%, once fully diagnosed Plagued culled geese in Taiwan for more than half will die.
COA Bureau of Animal Husbandry Department, said the full text of the Yangtze River, before the Spring Festival, chickens, ducks and eggs temporarily affect the supply, may be out of time this summer, Chen Bao-ji also reassure the situation will not arise, "No chicken can buy" is. Related News Video

https://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E7%96%AB-%E7 ... um=twitter

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