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Two H7N9 Cases In Xiamen Fujian & Three Earlier
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Author:  niman [ Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Two H7N9 Cases In Xiamen Fujian & Three Earlier

Media reports are beginning to report H7N9 cases throughout China including two recent cases in Xiamen in Fujian Province, in addition to 3 earlier cases.

Author:  niman [ Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Two H7N9 Cases In Xiamen Fujian

Xiamen two people infected with H7N9 bird flu infected persons currently in stable condition (Figure)

At 09:15 on January 7, 2015 Source: Southeast Network to participate in interactive ( 0 ) 5
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  Yesterday, Xiamen CDC experts say, Xiamen last month found people infected with H7N9 bird flu 2. So far, a total of five people infected last year, Xiamen H7N9. In this regard, the wholesale market, the major markets has intensified disinfection, animal epidemic prevention and quarantine departments also strengthened. Experts call, people do not talk about the mere mention of poultry, poultry still edible, but be careful when buying View "one license for one ring", when eating cooked fully cooked.
  2 people infected with H7N9 is currently in stable condition
  Yesterday afternoon, the deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, MD 苏成豪 Herald reporter in an interview, said that since the winter of many provinces have appeared in many cases of human infection with H7N9 cases, Fuzhou, Fujian Sanming and other places reported more cases. December 2014, Xiamen City, also reported two cases of sporadic cases.
  In the December 29, 2014, on the 30th, Xiamen First Hospital consecutive report two cases of unknown cause of pneumonia cases, through the center of the provincial, municipal and district CDC epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, review of human infection were confirmed H7N9 avian Flu cases.
  For this, the Xiamen municipal government held a special meeting to the prevention and control of human infection with H7N9, specific arrangements for the prevention and control work. The relevant units of joint prevention and control, the prevention and control measures are well underway. Medical institutions to strengthen the case detection and treatment, disease control agencies at all levels to strengthen the monitoring and early warning, good health education. Currently, the health-care sector has taken effective measures, two cases of infected patients in stable condition. "Although the H7N9 virus emerged in Xiamen, but all cases in the population prevalence is unlikely." Sucheng Hao said, H7N9 bird flu has been the national health administration from Group A into B infectious diseases, "is preventable , controllable and curable, people need to grasp the consumption of poultry and their products safe knowledge, develop good health habits, strengthen self-protection, it does not need to worry too much, good prevention is the key. "
  Poultry business dropped two market poultry stalls closed
  Xiamen H7N9 virus appeared on poultry market impact is not small. The day before yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter found, Punan markets, many of the original Triumph farmers market stalls selling poultry, stores are already closed, and even the alley next to the poultry shop has closed, leaving only empty cages swing on the outside.
  Herald reporter yesterday also visited the island outside the betel nut, pine, battalion level, Jimei and other markets, poultry stalls found in these markets is still, the price has not decreased, but the business is a lot of deserted, almost empty. "I'm going to shut the shop, no business." 15:00 much in Jimei markets, poultry business for 20 years, Ms Cheng told the Herald reporter, other poultry businesses are the assessments in the market early. Ms Cheng said, under normal circumstances, have their own daily replenishment of about twenty, and now make up only a maximum of four or five a day.
  In Evergreen markets, a poultry stall directly disinfectant, put all documents listed in the booth to prove himself to sell poultry is safe.
  Only 3000 sales less than half a day the city's birds
  "Currently, we are more than 20 farmers market outside the island, poultry sales are still normal." Yesterday, staff development and construction of the Xiamen Municipal Market Center revealed, including pine, battalion level, Shi Ting, Egami, lake and other vegetables including market every day for the entire market of live poultry stalls and disinfection, and all live poultry trafficked persons should regularly visit the CDC physical examination to exclude the possibility of infection.
  Herald reporter learned that the city's most live poultry from the Po poultry wholesale market for poultry markets around the unknown, has been cleared up.
  However, according to the data of relevant departments, Xiamen present day poultry sales are in decline, under normal circumstances, Xiamen daily digest about 7000, but began in the past few days, the daily sales of only about 5000, to the latest data yesterday Only 3000 or so, directly subtract half.
  Xia and Shang Wholesale: prevention and control plan before January start
  "We started almost a month ago on bird flu prevention and control plan." Yesterday, the Xia and Shang agricultural group responsible 陈裕强 revealed that after the winter, as Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places of bird flu, the Xia and Shang started the plan.
  Xia and Shang Po poultry wholesale market in the supply of the city's more than 60% of poultry consumption. Last month, including vehicles transporting poultry including day, on the approach of each batch of birds strict disinfection, disinfection full day at least four times, using a disinfectant health sector avian influenza special disinfectant .
  Not only in the Po market, it was revealed that the island's poultry market place strict disinfection should be carried out every day, at least three times a day, respectively, in the morning 8:00, 13:00, 17:00 conduct, but also during the rest divided regional market thoroughly disinfected.
  Animal Epidemic Prevention Authority: purchase View "one license for one ring"
  Xiamen market all live poultry and whole chicken duck to go through the Po Market, the animal quarantine ring in here. Prison staff moving to the front on each batch of chickens and ducks out of the ring must verify the inspection and visual signs of poultry health and, if suspicious, it is necessary to control the whole batch and sampling inspection, will be the regular poultry blood tests. "Poultry can eat, but to buy safe poultry, but also to cook fully cooked." Animal Epidemic Prevention Authority official said yesterday, when people buy to remember to view birds "one license for one ring."
  Among them, "one card" is listed on fresh food vouchers, "a ring" is a sign quarantine foot ring, will be affixed to the product bar code label on the foot ring, including the variety of products, production date and other information, consumers can identify , and this foot ring is custom designed and can not be reused. (Strait Herald reporter Xiang Hui Hui Li Fangfang / text Yeyun Ping / drawing)
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  Xiamen had discovered three cases of patients
  ● 2014 年 1 月 28th: ​​Xiamen City confirmed the first case of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza. Lai Moumou patients, male, 69 years old, living in Haicang District. Sick three days ago at a farmers market to buy live chickens.
  ● 2014 年 1 月 29: The Xiang'an District 2 Suiyu boy Moumou, H7N9 avian influenza infection. Patients with mild disease, isolation and treatment in a hospital in Xiamen.
  ● 2014 年 2 1st: 35-year-old Tongan man Lin, a restaurant as a cook in the province, from Shanghai back to Xiamen Chinese New Year, back forty-five days will feel physical discomfort, fever, sputum, chest tightness and other symptoms, Danian who started the day visited the hospital.


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