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H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F
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Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

The two most recent confirmed cases in Shenzhen were from the Longhua district in Shenzhen. The youngest daughter of index case, 35F, had cold symptoms. The reports of a 6F with mild symptoms (no fever of pneumonia) strongly suggests the 6F is that youngest daughter, who was initially given Tamiflu and initially tested negative.

Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

Doctors said the woman in the latest case, identified only by her family name, Yang, was in “critical condition”.

The domestic helper living in the Longhua subdistrict of Shenzhen started to show early symptoms 10 days ago and visited a community hospital for treatment.

A week later she went to the Longhua branch of Shenzhen People’s Hospital and was tested for the H7N9 virus, China News Service reports.

Her family transferred her to another hospital after her condition worsened on Sunday – before the result of the test was revealed – and then admitted to another hospital in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Respiratory Diseases Research Institute.

The positive test, carried out by officials from Shenzhen Disease Control and Prevention Centre, was later confirmed by a second test carried out by Guangdong Disease Control and Prevention Centre. By 6pm yesterday all the 28 people who had come in close contact with the woman had been put under medical observation.

The woman’s youngest daughter – the only one of the 28 who showed flu symptoms – has being taking the antiviral drug, Oseltamivir, as a precaution. A throat swab test is being carried out on the daughter but no result is yet known.

http://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/ ... 9-bird-flu

Author:  niman [ Mon Jan 05, 2015 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

It is reported that the patient Yang, female, 35 years old, Han, Ji'an people, domestic staff, now living Longhua District, Dalang Street. December 20 and on the incidence of early Longhua People's Hospital community health center for treatment, December 26 to Longhua Branch City People's Hospital for treatment, exacerbations, in at 16:00 on the 28th of nasal swab samples collected in the hospital after that, families of patients at referral request to City Second People's Hospital. 28 evening 11 o'clock, when the test results have not yet come out, and the family of the patient to find their own car transferred Institute of Respiratory Diseases, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University for further treatment, is now in critical condition.

Shenzhen Wei Planning Commission said that at 3:00 on December 29, 7N 9 CDC inspection report the results of its avian influenza virus nucleic acid H is positive, then at 18:30 on the 29th, to review the results of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control positive, determined as confirmed cases.

As of yesterday, the number of close contact with this patient's increased to 69 people. In addition, the earlier briefing, Shenzhen Wei Planning Commission said that close contacts, only the youngest daughter of a patient who have flu symptoms. The latest results show that, after its acquisition swab samples tested, has been ruled out H7N9 avian influenza virus infection. Other close contacts who have not yet found anomalies.


Author:  niman [ Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

In the city of Shenzhen recorded case of human infection with avian influenza virus H7N9
2015-01-06 15:46:05 | Russian.News.Cn printable version
Guangzhou, Jan. 6 / Xinhua / - The Committee on Health and family planning, Guangdong Province on Monday said that in Shenzhen city of the province was reported one case of human infection with avian influenza virus H7N9.

Diseased was a 6-year-old girl by the name of Guan, who lives near the Longhua in Shenzhen. Her diagnosis was confirmed on Jan. 5. Currently, the patient's condition is stable, it has not developed symptoms of fever and pneumonia.

It is reported that during the week of December 31, 2014 all live poultry markets in the region were closed Longhua. -0-

http://russian.news.cn/health/2015-01/0 ... hua_health

Author:  rymich13 [ Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

Google Translation:

Shenzhen Big Wave has now H7N9 cases still live bird markets closed stall in selling stolen


Within Longsheng market stalls selling fresh chicken chicken


Reporters through the gap up to three birds recorded archives shutter door, saw the store cages stuffed chickens

Text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Xiaoxu

On May 29, Big Wave Longhua District Office confirmed H7N9 cases together, the Shenzhen Municipal Center for Disease Control in the patient had been to Longsheng market selected sample of 15 chickens, there are three samples detected "positive", Longhua District live poultry market from May 31 onwards closed one week. 5, Longhua also have a six-year-old girl was diagnosed with H7N9 cases, CDC staff survey found that sales of live poultry stalls near the children home, recently has been among the sales operation.

6th, the reporter visited Longsheng still in live poultry markets were closed, although the store found live birds shutter doors closed, but the store is still a large number of chickens placed even security willing to buy chickens with a reporter.

Recently two patients were at high tide

6, Shenzhen Wei person committee informed sources said, the children of a tube, female, 6 years old, a native of Jiangxi Province, residence located at 176 Big Wave Hua Wang Road, the first floor of his home to live bird markets (live on the second floor) recent times through live poultry stalls. For "runny nose, stuffy nose three days, fever more than one day," on the evening of the 4th 7:30 Longhua, Shenzhen People's Hospital by ambulance transferred to the Shenzhen Branch of the Third People's Hospital of infection three subjects. Subsequently, the Shenzhen Municipal People prevention of bird flu on the tube of a group of experts for consultation, combined with clinical manifestations and H7N9 influenza virus nucleic acid testing positive for a diagnosis of human infection of H7N9 avian influenza confirmed cases. Currently, children generally acceptable, no fever, just Qing Ke, sputum less, yellowish white sputum, no obvious discomfort.

Reporters combed found the first case of H7N9 bird flu this winter Shenzhen cases also occur in Longhua. After last month on the 29th Yang diagnosed patients, Longhua District since last May 31, in the region within one week of live poultry markets were closed. But the situation does not seem ideal, there is news that Shenzhen CDC staff survey found a home near the patient tube 6 year-old girl selling live poultry stalls, recently has been in the business being sold. Patients with Ms. Yang went to the market to buy live poultry Longsheng big waves, after the disease control department of Shenzhen also collected 15 environmental samples duties Longsheng live poultry market stalls were detected, the reporter learned from relevant departments, including three samples detected "positive."

Rest have to kill a chicken stall closed

6 am, the reporter went to Longsheng market, forty-five live poultry stalls "uniformly" close Lazha notify closed the door close on display since last May 31 to September 7 are closed period. But reporters found that, although there are cleaning stalls in front of the scene, but the sink still remained fresh even feathers and blood. Security guards near the market, due to the closed period coincided with the functional departments Richard was quite strict, the stall can only be "close to kill a chicken" to see reporters are "really" want to buy live chickens, even the guard with a reporter, to a closed shop to buy live poultry chicken, but was immediately blocked peripheral shop owner. Outside the store called a "three birds reached record file", and through a large gap on the rolling door, the reporter saw the whole store has a huge cages, stuffed chickens, and several other live birds in the next stores, although shutter doors closed, but could hear the sound of live chickens inside.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to contact the Market Management Office interview, but here the door closed. Just at this time, several men claiming to be right at the market management of live poultry stalls for several power outages, they explained, and the management has sent many days have security on duty to prevent live birds enter the market. From a disinfection cleaning tables can be found beginning from the 1st, and the management will come cleaned and disinfected every day, if the market square is completely unaware apparently justified. "We have been guarding the daytime, they rest at night secretly shipped in live poultry," Fang said the market would immediately cut off water and electricity are several live poultry stores.

And in Longsheng market, sold a few chicken stalls are open for business. There stall told reporters promote direct, they are selling live chickens are killed, and a bowl of chicken says, pointing to guarantee freshness. A stall, said, "I shut the door to kill, because it is not able to open two days, you see chicken are so fresh, not here to kill can not get blood."


Author:  rymich13 [ Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: H7N9 Cluster Longhua Shenzhen 35F & 6F

Bing Translation:

Shenzhen big wave has H7N9 cases sold live poultry stalls at the markets are closed is still stealing

Text/figure yangcheng evening news reporter Li xiaoxu

29th, dalang Street, longhua, Shenzhen Office confirmed H7N9 cases, CDC in patients who had visited Shenzhen Longsheng selects 15 samples of live chickens in the market, have detected in 3 samples "positive", live poultry markets were closed from 31st to longhua 1 week. 5th, longhua has a 6 year old girl has been diagnosed with H7N9 cases, CDC staff found that children with live poultry sales stall near his home, has been selling business in the near future.

6th, Longsheng, the reporter still live the rest of the market, find live poultry stores while the shutter is closed, but the shops are placed within a large number of live chickens, even have security guards were likely to take reporters to buy live chickens.

Two recent patients in big wave

6th, Shenzhen health inform the Human Rights Commission reported that children with tubes, female, age 6, born in Jiangxi, address is located at 176th of, huawang road, dalang Street, longhua, Shenzhen, and domiciled for live bird market on the first floor (second floor of the residence), recently, every time after the live poultry stalls. "Runny nose, stuffy nose for 3 days, fever more than 1 day", 4th 7:30 P.M. by Shenzhen People's Hospital to longhua branch, three ambulances transferred to Shenzhen third people's hospital infection. Subsequently, the human avian influenza prevention and control expert group on Shenzhen duct a consultation, combined with clinical manifestations and H7N9 in patients with influenza virus nucleic acid testing positive, diagnosed as a person H7N9 avian flu confirmed cases of infection. At present, the children generally in line, no fever, only a mild cough, phlegm and less for yellow and white sputum, without obvious discomfort.

Reporters combed found this winter first H7N9 avian flu case occurred in longhua, Shenzhen. 29th in patients with Ms Yang last month after diagnosis, longhua last month 31st, throughout the area to live poultry markets were closed within 1 week. But appears to be less than ideal, sources say, Shenzhen CDC staff found that 6 year old girls tubes in patients with certain live poultry sales stall near his home, recently has been selling business. Longsheng, patients with Ms Yang had the big wave market buying live poultry after Shenzhen Longsheng disease control departments also collected live poultry market stall outside the 15 environmental samples for testing, the reporter learned from the departments concerned, including detected in 3 samples "positive".

Closed stall owners closed the slaughtering of chickens

6th, Longsheng, reporters came to the market, four or five live poultry stalls "pure" closed put the notice taped to the door had closed, demonstration from the 31st to the 7th were closed. However, reporters found, although there are traces of cleaning in front of stalls, but sinks still remain fresh in feathers and blood. Near the market introduction of security guards, as coincided with the rest period, departments found is quite strict, stall only "close kill chickens" to see journalists are "really" want to buy live chickens, the security guard even took reporters to close live poultry stores buy chicken, but was blocked by peripheral shop owner immediately. Company called "up to three birds," outside the store, through the big shutter door gap, reporters see the whole shop has a huge cage, stuffed chickens and several live poultry store next door, roller shutter door closed, but could hear the voices inside live chicken.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to contact the market Office interview, but here the door shut. But this time, man who claims to be the market's Office number of live poultry stalls immediately loses power, they explain, the Administrative Office for days have sent security to prevent live birds entering the market. From a list of disinfectants to clean can be found starting from the 1st, the Administrative Office will be cleaned and disinfected every day, if markets knew nothing clearly unreasonable. "We sit up during the day, night's rest they will smuggle live poultry shipped in," according to market, live poultry stores will immediately cut off a few hydropower.

In Longsheng County market, several stalls selling chicken is open. Stall owners direct referral to reporters, are now killing chickens they sell, and pointing to a bowl of chicken blood to ensure freshness. One stall said, "I kill with the door shut, because these two days are not open, you see chicken blood are so fresh and not here to kill could not get blood.


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