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Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - Mt Aureol Slopes Freetown SL
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Author:  niman [ Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - Mt Aureol Slopes Freetown SL

Media reporting an Ebola outbreak and quarantine involving military. 15 homes on Mount Aureol slopes of Freetown.

Author:  niman [ Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - Mt Aureol Slopes Freetown

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
September 1 at 4:10pm · Freetown, Sierra Leone · Edited ·
15 Residences located up the Mount Aureol slopes of Freetown are now under quarantine because of exposure to deceased suspected Ebola patients. According to police, 75 armed personnel are guarding the area and food has been reportedly supplied to those under the quarantine. Similar quarantines have been instituted in other areas of the capital city. So far, all those under quarantine in Freetown have expressed full understanding of the reasons for their current quarantine. The residences off Syke Street whom had been under a 21 days quarantine following exposure to late Dr. Modupeh Cole, have all been released from the now concluded 21 days quarantine. They were very cheerful with songs of praise.
Meanwhile, a total of 29 new cases in today's report means we now have cumulative confirmed cases nationwide of 1,106 laboratory confirmed Ebola cases, with per district breakdown as follows:
Kailahun = 469,
Kenema = 356,
Kono =4
Bombali =44,
Kambia =1,
Koinadugu =0,
Port Loko =70,
Tonkolili = 16
Bo = 50,
Bonthe = 1,
Moyamba = 9,
Pujehun = 7
Western Urban = 51,
Western Rural = 28


Author:  niman [ Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - Mt Aureol Slopes Freetown

A citizen who comments this post:
"The mountaurel case is no joke,i dnt want to announce d number of curpse that i had saw in the past two to three days from mountaurel to kissy road cemetry,we were even associating it with a 'witch plane crash' at mountaurel,our authorities really need to do somthing or i fear for the worse,that area is very populated and i just pray for God's timely intervention."

https://www.facebook.com/sylola/posts/7 ... _comments=

Author:  niman [ Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - Mt Aureol Slopes Freetown

Sierra Leone News : Police Quarantine 15 Houses at Mount Aureol under F.B.C.
By Jeneba V. Kabba
Sep 2, 2014, 17:18

Police attached to the Eastern Police Division have now quarantined 15 houses in the Mount Aureol Community located under hills of famous Fourah Bay College campus. Rapid inexplicable deaths in the community with corpses being buried un-reported, are now being suspected as having been caused by the Ebola epidemic that is now known to be spreading in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Dozens of laboratory confirmed cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Freetown within the last fortnight alone.

Many people are now worried given speculation recently made by World Health Organization (WHO) that more than 20,000 will be infected with Ebola before the outbreak is terminated.

Speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview on Monday 1st September 2014 the Operations Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Kelvin Samura said under the command of AIG Memuna Kargbo his men have intensified operations as the Ebola epidemic continues to spread. He disclosed that as recent as yesterday they have quarantined 15 houses in the Mount Aureol community. He said they have deployed 75 police personnel at the quarantined areas at Mount Aureol to ensure suspected people stay indoors and not to spread the Ebola virus if they happen to be infected.

According to him, they got reports that 11 people died in that community in just a couple of days and this warranted investigations and subsequently quarantine of area within which the deaths occured; totalling 15 houses.

The Operations Officer said the residents act of burying corpses that died without prior notice to Ministry of Health and Sanitation is “a serious crime” as according to him, it has now been regulated that nobody should bury the dead without authorization.

ASP Kelvin Samura however complained bitterly that the quarantined residents are in need of food and other basic items for the next 21 days. He said as of last evening when we interviewed him, Health Ministry has not sent any food. He said if there is no food sent, the residents will have no option but to search for food. He appealed to Government and Health Ministry to reduce the stress on the Police Force which are fully supporting the fight against Ebola.

He informed that the Ebola war should be treated with all active efforts to see that it is eradicated. He said they have the hope that they will win this battle in Sierra Leone and will continue to do their best to see this country is safe.

He ended that they are also enforcing new traffic rules for all drivers which aim to stop overloading of vehicles. This, he said, is way forward to end Ebola transmission.

http://news.sl/drwebsite/publish/articl ... 6119.shtml

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