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Liberian & Congolese HCWs Discharged After ZMapp Treatment
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Author:  niman [ Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Liberian & Congolese HCWs Discharged After ZMapp Treatment

Media reports describe the discharge of Liberian & Congolese HCWs who were treated with ZMapp.

Author:  niman [ Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Liberian & Congolese HCWs Discharged After ZMapp Treatment

Liberian PA, Congolese Doctor Discharged After Receiving ZMAPP
Written by Wade C. L. Williams, wade.williams@frontpageafricaonline.com Published: 30 August 2014

Monrovia - Two health practitioners who were administered the experimental drug Z-Mapp have been cured of Ebola and released from the ELWA-2 Liberian-run Ebola treatment center in Monrovia.

A Congolese doctor, Dr. Senga Omeonga who contracted the deadly virus, from the St. Joseph Catholic hospital and a Liberian Physician Assistant who worked at the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County Kyndy Kobbah walked out of the ELWA-2 Isolation unit Saturday, heralding their remarkable recovery.

‘Early Treatment’ Key

Kobbah said she was in a critical state when she came in to the hospital and was administered the drug. But she admonished all Liberians to come in for early treatment whenever they fell signs and symptoms of the disease.

“Early treatment is one of the things; report yourself early to the center; that’s one of the key things in the recovery stage,” she said. “You have to report yourself early to the center if you start to experience any sign and symptom.”

She dispelled rumors that people who are infected with the disease are given substances to cause their early death and said while at the center some friends and family members were spreading rumors to her about what they thought was going on inside.

“Let me tell the Liberian people, they don’t spray anybody here with anything,” she said. “They don’t inject people; because people were calling me while I was in there, asking me plenty funny questions.” Kobbah was brought in with eleven health workers from the C. H. Rennie hospital, but ten of them died and she is the only survivor.

The Congolese doctor, Dr. Omeaonga who contracted the disease from the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital while attending to patients said he would continue to work in Liberia and not leave the country. His message to his family is that all is well. “I feel great, I thank God for coming back to life and I felt well. I have to finish my contract; I’ll continue to serve the country,” said Dr. Senga.

“Right now I’m in recovery time, so as soon as I finish my recovery time, I will have to go back to continue my work. I’ll just tell them to thank God, I thank them for all the prayers, and support and just to let them know; to be calm and I’m safe now of the disease, I’m cured.”

Though Dr. Omeonga could not say the effect of the experimental drug or if it added to his speedy recovery, he said it helped him. “I think I spent two and a half weeks there. (Symptoms) fever, weakness, diarrhea. I was quite stable before getting the drugs,” he said.

“I cannot say unless we have scientific proof that the Z-Mapp did what it did. I think it was a plus for me to get the medicine.” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was excited to see the two survivors of the deadly disease adding that it is good news for Liberia.

“This is good news, really, really good news. First of all I just want to say to both of you, how happy we are that you have survived this”, she said during a short ceremony Saturday at the entrance of the ELWA-2 center and thanked the Congolese Doctor for his service to Liberia.

“Thank you particularly for coming to our country and rendering service. I’ve already sent your president a note to thank him for all the doctors that he sent here and the time that you have served us also. I just thank you. At least now you can go back home and join your family, and live your normal life again after going through this terrible challenge that you had.”

More Patients Cured of Ebola

On Friday, six patients were released from the same center. A woman and her two children who tested positive for the deadly Ebola virus and her two young children were reunited with their families.

“Today I feel good coming out. I want to tell people that when you are sick, come to the hospital,” said Ma JangaKanneh holding her one-year-four-month old son who also contracted the virus but was now cured from it.

“I’ve been here 21 days. I came here with my husband, my husband’s brother, with another little girl plus my children and myself. I have two children here. My children are Beyan Sheriff and Arouna Sheriff. My husband passed away.”

Kanneh was brought into the center with four other members of her family, including her one-year-four months old and seven-year-old sons. Her husband and brother-in-law died while they were all in isolation.

Dr. Jerry F. Brown, Chief Medical Director at the ELWA hospital and a health worker serving patients at the Ebola management center said Friday that he is delighted to see people get well and leave the center.

“Yes, I do worry but one thing for sure, anything can happen. For every person I see coming out of the unit and smiling, I have the courage to go back.”

Three health workers were administered the experimental drug (the Congolese doctors and the Physician Assistant). A third, Dr. Abraham Borbor, Deputy Chief Medical Doctor at JFK died recently.

http://frontpageafricaonline.com/index. ... ving-zmapp

Author:  niman [ Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Liberian & Congolese HCWs Discharged After ZMapp Treatme

Two Ebola patients, given the experimental drug ZMapp, have been allowed to leave a treatment centre in the Liberian capital after testing negative for the disease.

The pair – both medics – were greeted by country’s president in Monrovia.

“Really, really good news. First of all I just want to say to both of you, how happy we are that you have survived this,” said Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Meanwhile, residents have been celebrating the lifting of a blockade in a neighbourhood of the capital.

Streets in the West Point district had been closed for 10 days after an Ebola health centre was stormed.

Residents had feared that they would run out of food and safe water due to the outbreak.

In Sierra Leone, youth groups have taken to the streets of Freetown to raise awareness of Ebola, as the virus continues to spread.

More than three thousand cases have now been reported across West Africa.

Liberia has been the hardest hit, reporting at least 694 deaths.

Senegal has joined the list of affected countries, announcing its first case on Friday.

http://www.euronews.com/2014/08/30/libe ... treatment/

Author:  niman [ Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Liberian & Congolese HCWs Discharged After ZMapp Treatme

VOINJAMA, LIBERIA (CNN) – Two more medical workers have survived Ebola.
Dr. Senga Omeonga and physician assistant Kynda Kobbah were discharged from a Liberian treatment center on Saturday after recovering from the virus, according to the World Health Organization.

They were given ZMapp – the experimental drug that's credited with saving the lives of two Americans infected with Ebola.

Officials said that early treatment was the key to the recovery of the Liberian medical workers. Both indicated that they will return to work soon.

The WHO said that they were received by Liberia's president after being discharged. A third person who was infected and treated with ZMapp died last Sunday.

The lethal virus has spread to five countries in West Africa – Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal – during this years's outbreak.

Senegal confirmed its first case of the virus on Friday, one week after closing its border with Guinea, the Senegalese Press Agency reported.

There have been 3,069 probable, confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola in West Africa – more than 40 percent of which have occurred within the past three weeks, according to the WHO. Some 1,552 of those have died.

http://www.wdam.com/story/26415540/two- ... from-ebola

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