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 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:02 pm 

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http://www.rcnradio.com/noticias/11-01- ... en-el-pa-s

Influenza A (H1N1) has claimed 305 deaths in Colombia since the first confirmed case in April 2009, while since that date the analysis performed in patients suspected to have generated positive 4782 this type of virus.

The director of the National Institute of Health, Juan Gonzalo Lopez said that during 2010 there were 1,053 confirmed cases and 73 victims.

"It is important to remind people that in this phase of post pandemic precautions must be adhered to, mostly related to hygiene, including frequent hand hygiene, cleaning of common objects, if you use masks and flu watch for signs or symptoms that the clinical picture is worsening and painful breathing, difficulty walking, persistent fever or change in skin color, "said López Casas.

Facing the most recent case of a Spanish citizen aged 61 from Sevilla, who died last Saturday in Barrie, the director of the National Institute of Health confirmed that according to the police report of the Atlantic capital, eight people are under surveillance because they were in contact with Europeans since their arrival in the country until he was hospitalized.

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 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:38 am 

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Samples were sent to determine whether the H1N1 virus

The death of the renowned physician, Carlos Ivan Sabogal rang alarm bells in the Ministry of Health of the department, because it seems to have died of viral pneumonia, ie the A H1N1 virus.

However, there is another hypothesis to date on the death of Dr. Sabogal, which relates his death with a possible bacterial pneumonia.

"Given the case of Dr. Sabogal there are two possible causes one of them is related to viral pneumonia, better known as A H1N1, however this is defined in a laboratory in Bogota where the samples were sent to Dr. Sabogal, where tell what really caused his death, "said Sergio Jairo Orozco, director of health department.

According to Dr. Sergio Orozco, the results of samples sent to Bogota will be coming to town in about 15 days, which will depend on whether to restart a program to mitigate the disease.

Who was
The journey of Dr. Carlos Ivan Sabogal was well recognized by the medical community of the city and the department, because it was in major health centers provide medical services.

His work was known and recognized Comfamiliar Neurocentro and Clinic, where he participated in their boards, also in other health institutions.


Since 2009 there are 279 samples per set in Bogota, which defined it was the H1N1 virus.

http://www.eldiario.com.co/seccion/REGI ... 10111.html

 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:16 am 

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http://translate.google.com/translate?j ... as-en-cali

http://www.elpais.com.co/elpais/cali/en ... as-en-cali

Respiratory diseases have killed two people in Cali

Two deaths so far this year by H1N1 and an increased incidence of respiratory diseases in the city turned on the alarm of the Ministry of Health Cali.

Health officials said this increase is due to epidemiological strong winter season impacts to the region, leaving in the first quarter of the year 59,291 cases of Cali affected by the disease, 800 more than reported in the same period of 2010.

Cali Epidemiology Department said the number of people dying from these diseases in the first quarter of fourteen years is a figure similar to previous years.

Alejandro Varela, Secretary of Health of Cali, said the number of visits in the city increased nearly 10% in the last month because of these diseases.

"So it's important not to let down our guard and take all the cleaning measures such as washing hands and not going to crowded places when you are with the flu", he added.

The respiratory diseases are more common, seasonal flu, pharyngitis, laryngitis, common cold, bronchitis and pneumonia.
According to the Ministry of Health most affected are children and older adults, which reported 70% of the total cases.

Delicate Paola, an epidemiologist at the Health Ministry said that so far this year have been diagnosed in the city nine cases of H1N1 flu.

"Two were fatal and occurred in women who came from abroad with the disease. Both had over 44 years. But I can say is a much lower figure than the one presented last year when there were 20 cases in the first three months of the year, "she added.

For his part, Miguel Korgi pediatrician, Imbanaco Medical Center, noted that consultations for respiratory issues in children have increased in recent days. "Ten cases treated, eight are by these diseases and this is due to the constantly changing climate of the city," he said.

María Elena Arizmedi, a respiratory therapist at the University of Valle, said that the sensitivity of this situation is that respiratory diseases are mutating and becoming resistant to over the years.

"That's why colds are becoming stronger. In the case of children it is wise to vaccinate against influenza each year to mitigate any effects of this disease, "he said Arizmendi.

 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:52 am 

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http://translate.google.com/translate?j ... e-ah1n1%2F

http://www.elpilon.com.co/inicio/%C2%BF ... ble-ah1n1/

Waiting for laboratory results

In about eight days know the test results sent to specialized laboratories in Bogota to determine whether it is positive or not the suspected case of H1N1, which would have killed a police officer.

Juan Gabriel Morales Department health official said the case has not yet been confirmed, so you actually tested that were sent to the National Institute of Health, whose results will be known for eight days or so.

. Damián González Ruiz, 43, a native of Norte de Santander Cúcuta, who was sent from the town of Chiriguaná to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, Cesar's clinic because of a suspicious box on the H1N1 virus died on Monday .
According to the report of the doctors, the patient died of pneumonia.

Another case study
Mary Elizabeth Vargas Palacio, 27, who arrived in Valledupar on May 22 sent from a clinic in Bucaramanga, sick with pneumonia, is another apparent case of the H1N1 virus reported in this location.

The patient worked as a teacher in the township of La Esperanza, jurisdiction of Pueblo Nuevo, Norte de Santander, died last Monday at the clinic 'Laura Daniela' of Valledupar, apparently by the virus.

The deceased was unencumbered and the little baby is in an incubator under the respective care.

The tests administered to Palacio Vargas were also sent to National Institute of Health.

 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:07 am 

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Two patients have died and seven remain hospitalized due to an outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus in the northern Colombian department of Cesar, announced El Heraldo Thursday.

The public health coordinator for Cesar recorded five confirmed H1N1 patients in the department’s capital city of Valledupar, and one patient each in Curumani and Codazzi.

Another 12 possible cases are awaiting diagnosis.

The outbreak is an unfortunate shift from last year, when hospitals confirmed only one case of the H1N1 virus reported El Heraldo.

Public Health Coordinator Juan Morales told the newspaper that the number of cases recorded so far in 2011 is “on par with what happened in in 2009, when there were 33 patients who tested positive and two deaths in Cesar.”

Morales advised communities to encourage citizens to take preventative measures, including wearing masks and visiting the doctor to report flu-like symptoms.

http://colombiareports.com/colombia-new ... ombia.html

 Post subject: Re: Colombia
PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:01 pm 

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http://colombiareports.co/bird-flu-viru ... -colombia/
Jan 27, 2014
Bird flu virus found in US citizens in northern Colombia
posted by Mimi Yagoub

Two United States citizens were found to be carrying the H1N1 virus — otherwise known as bird flu – by health authorities in the north of Colombia, national radio station Caracol Radio reported on Friday.

An H1N1 test carried out on a child and his mother in Santa Marta, the capital of the coastal state of Magdalena, produced positive results, according to Caracol’s sources. Despite this, the clinic reportedly broke protocol and did not alert any authorities as to the case.

District and departmental health authorities have expressed their worries that the virus will spread.

Magdalena Secretary of Health Sandra Castañeda Lopez said that the resulting investigations aim to determine the place of origin of the affected individuals, as well as their point of entry

The family left the city following the exams, with authorities aiming to gather the necessary information to give the public a prompt update on the situation.

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